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Inspire to Empower

During the winter of 2011, two dynamic Army uniform wearing women met during a Women's Conference on the campus of Cameron University in Lawton, OK. That meeting blossomed into a friendship with a foundation fostered with the passion and desire to make a positive impact on their community. Barbara Warren, President, CEO & Co-Founder was inspired by her eldest son in June 2011 with his concerns about the futures of the young ladies which attended high school with him. Based on those concerns, Barbara then put pen to paper and created P.U.M.P.S (Professionals Unite Making a Positive Social) Changes Lives, a program that could positively impact girls from elementary school through college graduation. Due to Barbara's transfer to San Antonio, TX, February 2014 to complete military obligations, P.U.M.P.S Changes Lives was shelved. Before leaving Barbara shared her vision with Chantil Minton, and it wasn't long before they knew there was a deeper connection for impacting young ladies.

Chantil Minton, Vice President & Co-Founder reached out to Barbara to inform her she was, in fact, moving to San Antonio to fulfill her military obligation as well.

Once settled in, Chantil contact Barbara about helping her vision J.E.W.E.L.S (Just Extraordinary Women Empowering Little Sisters) come to fruition, a program to expose young girls to a lifestyle that could be achieved regardless of their beginnings or background through a summer weekend empowerment program with guest speakers who'd experienced similar circumstances as them. After several name searches and name changes, Chantil rang Barbara and asked whatever happened to P.U.M.P.S Changes Lives and to elaborate on her vision. It was at that moment when the women realized their ideas could and should be merged.

Fast forward to October 2016, Barbara and Chantil worked together to bring other Veterans and colleagues aboard to help their vision become a reality. Pumps and Jewels were officially recognized by the IRS December 8, 2016, and operates as Crown Jewels in Bexar County, specifically San Antonio, TX.

Two women on different journeys started out with separate non-profit visions who both had the passion and desire to help countless young ladies within their community, started out as a thought, vision, a to paper, and now a reality.

The program Crown Jewels has to design is called G.E.M (Girls Empowerment Movement)

Crown Jewels, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving young ladies between the ages of 6 and 25. Crown Jewels is committed to improving one's self-message, personal development, and to know regardless of their socio-economic status that they CAN aspire to become whatever their hearts' desire. Crown Jewels will follow the young ladies from primary school through secondary education graduation, through the college application process to successful college graduation.

Crown Jewel's desire is that their graduates will return as volunteers to positively impact the lives of others through purpose, direction, and motivation. From Gems to Jewels to Queens.

Crown Jewels "Inspire to Empower."

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